Mission mode-a tourism kalpui dan tur sawikhawm

Mission mode-a tourism
kalpui dan tur sawikhawm
National Conference on Tourism in Mission Mode, New Delhi-a March 28 & 29 a neihah Mizoram Tourism minister Robert Romawia Royte a tel.
Union Tourism minister G Kishan Reddy, Union Minister of State for Tourism Ajay Bhatt leh Sripad Naik te bakah state hrang hrang Tourism minister-te leh tourism industry-a mi pawimawhte an tel.
Mizoramin Responsible Tourism Policy 2020 a neih hmanga ‘responsible & sustainable tourism’ chu thingtlang khaw hrang hrangah kalpui mek a ni tih Robert Romawia Royte hian a sawi a. Ministry atanga tourism infrastructure development hrang hrang hmangin Mizoramah nasa zawka tourism hmasawnna kalpui a nih thu te, Tourism department chuan miretheite thleng phak hmasawnna a neih a ngaih thute a sawi a ni.
Ministry of Tourism-in tourism hmasawnna mission mode-a kalpui a tum chu lawmawm a tih thu Mizoram Tourism minister hian a sawi a. “Tum leh hmathlir fel tak nei chunga kal chuan ram leh mipuiin hlawk zawkin tourism hmasawnna an chhawr thei ang,” a ti.
Mizoram Tourism department hian Best Innovative Practices under Swadesh Darshan-ah Thenzawl Golf Course Cafeteria chuan runner up lawmman a dawng a ni.

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