MLA bial siamrem lamah hma la lo

Mizorama Assembly bial siamrem kawngah sawrkarin hma a la la rih lo tih chief minister Zoramthanga chuan a sawi.
Assembly Session-ah Assembly bial huamchin tihdanglam tuma rawtna Election Commission lama thlen a awm leh awm lohte, constituency rem lo lai siamrem tura sawrkar laipui lama all political party-in a thlen chu bawhzui a ni zel em, tih te a awm a. General Administration Department changtu chief minister chuan, constituency hming thenkhat fuh chiah lo a awm em, tih chu ngaihtuah a ni a, A party ang chuan zawng chuan sawi ho ni tawh mah se, inthlan dawn a nih avangin sawrkar chuan hma a la zui ta chiah lo tih a sawi.
Bial thenkhat pawh a kalpawh danah remchang lo leh inkawkalh tak tak, bial danga luh fo ngai ang chi, bial siamrem ngai a awm nia tih erawh chief minister hian a sawi a ni.


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