MNF president banna pawm lo

MNF party chuan an president Zoramthanga’n inthlanpuia sawrkarna an siam zawh loh avanga a mawhphurhnaa ngaia a nihna atanga banna a thehluh chu an pawmsak lo.
MNF senior vice president Tawnluia hnena ziaka a thehluhah Zoramthanga hian 2023 Mizoram MLA inthlanpuiah MNF party-in sawrkarna an chan zawh tak lohah chuan, hotupa ber a nihna angin a mawhphurhna nia ngaiin, MNF president a nihna atanga a banna a thehlut tih sawiin, an pawmsak ngei a beisei tih a sawi a ni.
Banna thu hi Thawhlehni khan party senior vice president ho hian MNF National Core Committee leh Political Affairs Committee chuan an ngaihtuah a. 2023 Mizoram MLA inthlanpuia MNF party-in sawrkama a chan zawh tak loh avanga an president Zoramthanga’n ama mawhphurhna (moral responsibility) a ngaia president a nihna atanga banna a thehluh chu zahawm an tiin a puitlin zia tilangtu niin an hria tih an sawi a. Tun inthlana an chaklohna chu ama mawhphurhna bik niloin an zavaia mawh a ni a. President atanga ban a dil hi an pawm loa, MNF president a nihna hi chelh zui zel se an ti, tiin thutlukna an siam a ni.

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