Motor ke hnih a tlan awn thei ber record siam

British stunt car driver Paul Swift chuan a Ford Ranger Raptor pickup truck chu a ke hma leh hnunglam dinglam chauh hmanga saisira tlang chungin 88cm inkarah a tlan tlang thei a, Guinness World Record, motor ke hnih chauh hmanga tlan tlang theihna zim ber record a siam. A hmaa hetiang recird chu 89cm niin, Paul hian Silverstone, Nottinghamshire, UK-ah 1cm-in record hi a khum ta a ni. Hetianga ke hnih chauh hmanga zim taka tlan tlang tur chuan a awn thei ang bera tlan thiam a ngai a ni.
Paul hian a pickup truck chu a ke hnih chauha a tlan awn theih nan a ke veilam chauhin dawhsanah a tlan kaia, dawhsan atanga a tlan tlang hnuah a motor balance dik taka dahin a ke dinglam chauh hmangin a tlan awn ta a, tichung chuan 88cm inkarah a tlan tlang ta a ni. A tlan tlangna inkar zau zawng hi 88cm niin, a sir tawn tawn tawk fuh miah lovin a tlan tlang thei a ni.

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