MSU Education Director atan IAS duh

Mizo Students’ Union General Headquarters, Aizawl chuan thuchhuah siamin School Education Department Director atana MCS, Mizoram sawrkarin a dah chu \ha lo a ti hle tih an sawi a. School Education Director Post hi IAS AGMUT Cadre Post a nih vang leh danin a phut angin School Education Director atan hian IAS Agmut Cadre ngei dah a nih theih nan MSU chuan a tawp thlenga hma lak a tum tih an sawi.
MSU chuan School Education Director te hna an thawh rei tak tak hmaa a sawn kual reng \hin chu \ha lo a ti hle a, School Education Director atan an dah te hun rei zawk an thawh theih nana thlak kual reng lo turin Mizoram Sawrkar a ngen bawk a ni.

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