MTC-in Graduation Day hmang

MTC-in Graduation Day hmang
Mizoram Synod hnuaia Missionary Training College (MTC) chuan B.Miss. zir zo mi 16 te thlahna – Graduation Day vawi 11-na chu Thawhlehni khan an hmang.
Synod moderator Rev Dr C. Chawnghmingliana’n Graduation Day thuchah a sawi a. Synod senior executive secretary Rev C Zorammawia’in zirchhuakte hnenah certificate a hlan a, Synod Mission Board secretary Rev R. Lalhmingsanga’n graduate tharte Pathian hnenah hlanin, Synod secretary Upa B. Lalhmunliana’n tawngtaisakna hun a hmang. Executive secretary Rev VL Luaia Hranleh chuan zirlai tithate hnenah lawmman a hlan a ni.
Tun tumah hian zirlai titha lawmman, College Awards 2023 hetiang hian hlan an ni : R Dala Award for Biblical Studies – Lalrinfeli; Rohmingthangi Award for Theological Studies – Ruthi Ngaibiakhawihi; Tirhkoh Chhingtei Award for Mission & Historical Studies – Lalngaihsaki; M Suaka Award for Religious and Cultural Studies – Lalrinfeli; Tirhkoh Thangzawna Award for Christian Ministry – Esther Laldingngheti & S Vanlallianmawii; Rev Dr Lalsawma Award for Language Studies – Esther Laldingngheti; Lalbiakchhungi Award for Academic Excellence – Lalngaihsaki & Lalrinfeli; Robuanga Award for Best Outgoing Student – K Lalbiaksanga.
Missionary Training College hi kum 1978 khan Missionary Training Department tiin Aizawl Theological College-ah bul tan a ni a. MTC tia hun engemawchen a hranga a awm hnuin kum 2007 Synod chuan college-a hlankai a remti a, Synod thurel angin 2010 June 4 khan Missionary Training College (MTC) a piang ta a, Senate of Serampore College hnuaiah chuan B.Miss zirna hmasa ber a ni. MTC-ah hian B. Miss zirna bakah missionary training chi hrang hrang neihpui thin a ni bawk.

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