MUP din champha lawm

Mizoram Upa Pawl Armed Veng South Branch din champha vawi 35-na chu Thawhlehni khan lawm a ni a. Aizawl East-II bialtu MLA, minister Robert Romawia Royte chuan a hmanpui.
Minister chuan ram, khawtlang leh chhungkaw tana kum upa, MUP member-te an hlut zia leh ngaihsanawm zia a sawi a. Kum upaten an tute hnenah an nu leh pate thu awih tura fuih thin turin a chah.
Tunlaia thalaite zinga ruihhlo a hluar lutuk chu pawi a tih thu a sawi a. Tu mah inthlahdah loa ruihhlo dona kawnga tanruala thapui thawh a hun tawh takzet, tiin, thawhpui turin a inpeih reng tih a sawi.
Armed Veng South MUP din champha lawmpuina atan bialtu MLA hian Rs. 50000 a pe a, kalkhawm zinga MUP member upa ber Rallianchhingi (97) hnenah chawimawina’n Rs. 3000 pe in, a dawttu Chalmawia (92) hnenah Rs. 2000 a pe bawk.
MUP Armed Veng South Branch-ah hian member 342 an awm a, kum 2022 chhung khan member 16-in chatuan ram an pan a ni

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