Health Centre 368 siam tawh

Kum 2019 atanga kum kal mek thlengin Mizoram sawrkarin Health & Welness Centre 368 a siam tawh.
Assembly Session-a zawhna chhan a nih danin, kum 2019- 2023 chhungin Health Sub Centre 305 chu Health & Welness Centre a hlankai an ni tawh a. Hengte nen hian Health & Welness Centre 368 a awm tawh a, Sub Centre 8 dang chu kumin March ral hmaa Health & Welness Centre-a hlankai ve leh tum a ni. Heng centre-a thawk tur Health & Welness Officer 310 chu sawrkarin a la tawh bawk.
Hetihlai hian Health Clinic 245 hawn a ni tawh a. Kum 2019 -2023 chhung vek hian sawrkarin Health Sub Centre quarters 25 a sa thar tawh a ni.

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