MZU-ah G20 kaihhnawih hun hmang

G20 University Connect Lecture Series “Engaging Young Minds” tih chu Thawhtanni khan Mizoram University-ah hman a ni a. MZU vice chancellor Prof Pravakar Rath chu khuallian niin, MZU registrar Prof. Lalnundanga chu khualzahawm a ni.
He hun hi India ram palai hlui Lalduhthlana Ralte, IFS chuan hmanpuiin “India Presidency of G20” tih thupui hmangin thu a sawi a. Technical session-ah mithiam sawmbikten thupui hrang hrang hmangin thu an sawi a. Prof. Vanlalchhawna’n “Financing Higher Education: G20 Best Practices”, Prof. HK Laldinpuii Fente-in “Prospects of International Student- Exchanges Among G20 Nations”, Prof. KV Reddy “Scope for Collaborative Research among G20 Nations”, Prof. Lokanath Mishra “Sharing of Learning Resources & Educational Excellence Among G20 Nations” leh Prof. Lalnilawma’n “Synergy between NEP 2020 & Vision of G20” ten thu an sawi. Thu an sawi zawh hian zawhna awmte chhan a ni.

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