MZU vice chancellor thar nei

MZU vice chancellor thar nei
Mizoram University (MZU) vice chancellor atan Prof Dibakar Chandra Deka ruat a ni.
President of India chu MZU visitor a nih angin Prof Dibakar Chandra Deka hi MZU vice chancellor atan ruat a ni tih hi April 6 khan sawrkar laipui Ministry of Education hnuaia Department of Higher Education chuan a tichhuak a. Amah hi Madhabdev University, Narayanpur Assam-a vice chancellor ni lai a ni. Gauhati University Department of Chemistry-ah head of department a ni tawh bawk.
Zirna lamah MSc (Gauhati), MTech (IIT Kharagpur), PhD (IIT Kharagpur), DTIT (Tokyo), DSc (Gauhati), FRSC Natural Products, Synthetic Organic, Chemistry, Biofuels a ni. Research project hrang hrangah tel tawhin research paper 70 vel a tichhuak tawh a, zirna lam kaihhnawihah chawimawina chi hrang hrang hlan a ni tawh bawk.
Mizoram University hian vice chancellor nghet a nei lo reng a, Prof Pravakar Rath chu 2022 November 16 atang khan acting VC-in a awm a ni.
Kum 2001 a din MZU hian vice chancellor nghet pali leh acting VC-a awm mi pali a nei tawh a ni.

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