Nariman-an Union Law Minister sawisel

Supreme Court judge hlui Rohinton Fali Nariman chuan Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju chu judge te ruattu Collegium system a sawisel avangin natakin a sawisel let a, Collegium in judge atana a rawt tawh te sorkarin pawmfel duh lova a thut bet tlat chu democracy tana ‘hlauhawm’ tiin a sawi bawk.

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Nariman chuan independent judiciary kulh hnuhnng ber a tlu a nih chuan India chu ‘new dark age-ah a lut ang’ tia sawiin, Judge hlauh nei lo leh independent te ruat an nih loh chuan independence of judiciary hi eng nge a nih ang, tiin a sawi bawk.

Apex court judge hlui chuan special five-judge bench siam ni se tia sawiin chung te chuan collegium in sorkar hnena judge tura hming a rawt a thawn tawh te chu ni 30 chhunga sorkarin engmah a sawi lo a nih chuan pawm tur ti se tiin a sawi bawk.

“Judge ruat turte hming thut bet tlat hi he ram democracy kalh a ni. A chhan chu collegium pakhat rawtna chu thut beh tlata collegium thar indin lehin an rilru an thlak beiseina avanga thut beh a ni ber a ni. Collegium-in a rawt tawh chu a rang thei ang bera appointment pek tur a ni,” tiin Nariman chuan a sawi bawk.

“Hei hi constitution kal dan a ni a. Hlauh nei lo leh independent judge te i nei lo a nih chuan engmah neih i nei tawh lo. Thil nihna dik tak chu keimahah chuan he kulh hnuhnung ber hi a chim a nih chuan new dark age kan lut ang a. R.K. Laxamn-an Common man ten zawhna pakhat chauh, “Chiin a alna a hloh tawh chuan, engin nge kan al ang? a tih angah kan awm ang,” tiin a sawi.

Nariman hi Supreme Court collegium member ni reng thin niin August 2021 khan a chawl tawh a ni.
Law minister Rijiju chuan collegium-in judge a ruat dan chu sawisel rengin langtlang lo a ti reng a. Tun hnaiah Vice President Jagdeep Dhankar pawhin Supreme Court-in National Judicial Appointments Commission (NJAC) a nuaibo kha parliamentary sovereignty nasa taka tihbalhna tiin a sawi bawk.

“Union Law Minister in tum tam tak judge ruat dan chungchang a sawiselna hi kan hre ta a. Law minister ka hrilh duh chu a hriat ngei ngei tur constitutional fundamental pahnih a awm,” tiin Nariman chuan a sawi a.
“Pakhatna chu United States ang lo takin, unelected ni lo judge panga rintlak tak te chu Constitution sawifah tura tih an ni a. He constitution bench hi constitution sawifiah tura rin an ni a, thutlukna an siam tawh chuan thuneitu i nih angin an thuremna chu i zawm mai tur a ni,” a ti a.

“I sawisel thei a, khua leh tui ka nih angin kei pawhin ka sawisel thei a, harsatna a awm lo. Mahse, authority i nihna ang chuan judgement an siam chu a dik emaw dik lo emaw tihhlawhtlin kha i mawhphurhna a ni,” tiin a sawi zui bawk.

Basic doctrine structure chungchangah Nariman chuan tun hnai kum 40 chhungin siam danglam tuma tum hnih bih a ni tawha khata tang khan sawi lan a ni tawh ngai lova tun hnaiah sawi rik leh a ni a ti a.

Nariman chuan United States-ah chuan judicial appointment-ah judiciary-in engmah inrawlhna a nei lo va, India erawh kan kal dan a hrang a ni a ti bawk a.

“India-ah chuan kum 1990 chho vel thleng khan President chuan judge te nena inberawnin Chief Justice of India remtihna nen judge te ruat a ni mai thin a. Chief Justice of India-in a sawi chu pawma zawm mai thin a ni,” tiin Nariman chuan a sawi a.

Nariman chuan heta constitutional principle chu independence of judiciary hi a ni a, chu chu democracy atana tihmakmawh a ni a ti bawk a. “Judge hlauh nei lo leh independent awm si lo se eng nge independence of judicairy hlutna tur. Chief Justice of India aia judge ruat tur leh ruat loh tur hria tu nge awm ang,” tiin Nariman chuan a sawi bawk a.

A hnuah CJI mai ni lo senior judge te pawh rawn ni se tih leh niin judiciary chuan appointment process chu a kutah a la ta zawk a ni tiin Nariman chuan a sawi bawk.


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