Naupiang leh thi leh electoral roll thlunzawm dawn?

Thi leh piang chhinchhiah leh electoral roll thlunzawmna tur bill chu Parliament session neih hunah pharh a ni ang tiin Union Home Minister Amit Shah chuan a sawi.
Minister chuan births and deaths registration chu citizens register, electoral rolls leh benificiary schemes te dawng thei tur tihchian nana pawimawh a ni tiin a sawi bawk.
India chuan kum sawm dana neih \hin census chu kum 2021 a neih tur kha tiamchin awm lovin Covid-19 pandemic leng avangin a \hulh a. Sorkar chuan tun thlengin census neih hun tur a la sawi lo va, neih hnuhnun ber chu kum 2011 kha a ni.
Shah chan Census neih hun tur hi a sawi lang lo chungin mahse piang leh thi chhinchhiahna neih chuan development plan siamah pawimawhna thuk tak a nei tiin a sawi a.
Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) chuan October 28, 2021 daih tawh khan Registration of Birth and Death Act, 1969 chu siam\hata national level database Registrar General of India (RGI) siam \ha in Population Register, Electoral Register, bakah Aadhar, ration card, passport leh driving licence databases te siam\hata thlunzawm ni se a ti tawh a ni.
Shah chuan, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi sorkar chuan ruahmanna thar siamin miin kum 18 a tlin chiahin Election Commission chuan voter card a siamsak tawh ang a. Nunna chan an awm a nih chuan Census registrar chuan chhungkua hriattirin ni 15 chhung hun an pe ang a, chumi hnuah Election Commission chuan voter list a\angin a paih ang,” tiin a sawi.
Sample Registration System (SRS) te chu a \ha thei ang bera siam niin enumerator te pawhin data te engmah khawih danglam theihna an nei dawn lo, a ti bawk a.
Shah chuan SRS mobile application system updrage tlangzarhna a nei bawk a, SRS hi RGI office in kum tina demography survey neia naupiang, thi zat bakah fertility leh mortality indicator te a chhut \hinna a ni.
“Official-in tihsual a nei a nih chuan system chuan national leh State level-ah alert pechhuak nghalin, mi tu emawin survey ngei a tum ngawt pawhin hriatchian a ni mai dawn a ni,” tiin Shah chuan a sawi.

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