NGT-in na taka action lak tum

Kaladan Multi-Modal Transit Transport Project (KMMTTP) kawng laih meka environment dan zawm loh avanga Centre for Environment Protection (CEP)-in National Green Tribunal (NGT)-a thubuai a thehluh kal zelah NGT chuan dan zawm ngai zawm loh a nih zel chuan na taka action lak a tum.
NGT chuan March ni 20, 2023 khan ‘Order’ chhuah lehin Secretary, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India (MoRTH) leh Chief Secretary, Mizoram chu dân zawm ngai zawm tura inchingfel vat tur leh chumi bawhchhiat a nih chuan na taka ‘action’ lak a nih tur thu a hrilh a. NPV leh CA atana sum pek tur chu thla hnih chhunga lo chingfel turin leh hemi atan hian kar hnih chhungin ‘online meeting’ ruahman turin NGT chuan a ti bawk.
Kaladan Multi-Modal Transit Transport Project (KMMTTP) kawng laih mek a, environment dan zawm loh avangin Centre for Environment Protection (CEP) chuan National Green Tribunal (NGT)-ah ni 15/6/2022 khan thubuai a thehlut a (CEP vs Union of India & Ors. in OA No.88/2022/EZ). KMMTTP atan Forest Clearance (FC) dil niin In-principle approval hmuh a ni a, mahse In-principle approval-in tihtur a tih te tun thlengin Mizoram PWD ten an zawm lo a ni.
NGT chuan Forestland 196.75 hectare area tihchhiatna atan Compensatory Afforestation (CA) atan Rs.2.45 crores leh Net Present Value (NPV) atan Rs.14.36 crores chu Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC)-a chhunluh a nih a, In-principle approval-in tihtur a tih te hlen a nih hma chuan hnathawh lai chu chawl turin ni 26/9/2022 khan ‘Order’ a lo chhuah tawh a ni.
He thubuai hi ngaihtuah chhoh zel niin March ni 20, 2023 khan NGT chuan Order khal tak hi a chhuah ta a ni.

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