NH-6 laihah forest clearance hmu

NH-6 laihah forest clearance hmu
Seling to Champhai (NH-6) kalkawng laih zauh hna thawh meka forest clearance-a harsatna awmte sutkian a nih theihna’n Thawhlehni khan Environment Forest & CC minister TJ Lalnuntluanga hoin NHIDCL leh Forest department hotute an thukhawm.
Forest clearance chungchanga harsatna awmte bawhzuiin EF& CCh minister hmalaknain IRO Shillong dawr a ni a; thu thlente bawhzuiin kumin April 17 khan stage-1 approval an rawn pe a, hemi chungchang hi an ngaihtuahin a ni.
Minister chuan Champhai tlangdung mipui leh damlo hmunpui pan ngaiten an nghahhlelh em em Champhai to Aizawl kawng laih hna chu zawh thuai a nih theihna turin Forest department chu NHIDCL hnena demand note pe chhuak thuai turin a hriattir a. NHIDCL pawh a tul angte lo buaipui a, IRO Shillong-in a pawmpui tawh angin NPA leh CA pawisa a rang thei ang bera deposit turin a ngen. An deposit fel veleh Forest department pawh working permission issue turin a hriattir a ni. Fur ruahtui tlak tam hmaa hna zo hman thei tura Forest department leh NHIDCL hotute chu hma la nghal turin a hriattir.

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