NIT Campus neihna turah Mizoram sawrkar ngaichang

NIT Campus neihna turah
Mizoram sawrkar ngaichang
Lengpuia National Institute of Technology Mizoram hmun neihna tura forest clearance dilnaah sawrkar laipui chuan a tih tur engemawchen a tih tawh hnu ah state sawrkar lam tih ve leh tur an ngaichang mek tih sawi a ni.
Parliament Session neih mekah Ningani khan Union Minister of Environment Forest & Climate Change Ashwini Kumar Choubey chuan Mizoram MP K Vanlalvena zawhna a chhan danin, Lengpui hmuna NIT Permanent Campus dinna tura forest clearance pek leh pek loh chungchang chu, 2022 June 13-a Forest Advisory Committee thukhawmin Mizoram sawrkar atanga ngenna lut an thlir a, thil pawimawh dangah Mizoram sawrkar atanga chhanna an nghak mek.
Lengpuia NIT Permanent Campus din a nih theih nan hian 2020 January 22-a Union Cabinet meeting chuan cheng vaibelchhe 669.75 a sanction a. NIT Campus dinna tur hian cheng vaibelchhe 334.78 hmanral tawh niin, Forest department-in Reverine Reserved Forest a ni, tia complaint an siam avangin tun thlengin hna thawh chhunzawm theih a ni lo a, sawrkar laipuiin sum a sanction tawh atangin cheng vbch. 334.97 chu khawih chet theih lohin a la awm reng tih sawi a ni.
NIT Campus Lengpui hmuna forest reserve tih chhiat aiah hian Mizoram sawrkar chuan hmun dangah forest reserve zau zawk a siam tawh a. Lengpuia NIT hmun forest reserve nena inthleng dilna pawh state sawrkar hian sawrkar laipuiah kumin January 24 khan a thlen tawh tih sawi a ni bawk.

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