Nitin orange juice in-in stroke risk a tihniam thei

Nitin serthlum tui sawr in hian thluaka thisenzam chat/block risk 24%-in a tihniam thei niin mithiam ten zirchianna an neih hnuah an sawi a, he zirchianna chungchang hi British Journal of Nutrition-ah tarlan a ni.
Hei bakah hian lung (heart) lam natna chi hrang hrang risk pawh a tihniam thei a, thisenzam chhiat theihna risk 13% velin a tihniam niin an sawi bawk.
Theirah tharlam tuisawr hi a hrisel tih chu mi nawlpui pawhin kan rindan a ni thin a, mahse, tunhnaiah heng theituiah te hian sugar a tam thin niin in chintawk nei tura in-warning-na pawh a tam ta hle. Zirchianna neitute chuan serthlum tuisawrin stroke risk a tihhniam theih dan hian a sugar pai that loh theih dan hi a khuh hneh zawk niin an sawi.
Netherlands National Institute for Public Health a mi, he zirchianna an hotu pakhat chuan, “Thei tuisawr in thatna hi tam tak a awm a, serthlum ringawt a ni lo, thei dang tuisawr pawhin thatna a nei vek a ni,” a ti. Theitui sawrah hian natna hrang hrang laka thisenzam veng theitu a awm niin an sawi bawk. Hetihrual hian thei chu a tui sawr ringawt in lovin, a thei rah pawh ei reng tho tur niin an sawi bawk.
He zirchianna neitute hian mipa leh hmeichhia 35,000, kum 20-70 inkarah zirchianna hi an nei a ni.

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