Nuggets an chak nawn leh

Zirtawp zing khan Western Conference play-off final game hnihna khelh a ni a. Game khatnaa hnehna chang tawk Denver Nuggets an chak nawn leh am pen hnihin conference champion nih an hnaih leh zual sauh.
Final game hnihnaah Nuggets leh Los Angeles Lakers hian inhnehtawk takin bul an tan a. Quarter hmasa berah point 27 ve ve thawkchhuakin an inhnehtawk phawt. Quarter khatnaah an inhnehtawk hnuin quarter hnihnaah Lakers an khel tha zawk a, point ngaa hmahruai chungin chawlh-lawk an hmang.
Chawlhlawk hnu lamah Nuggets in an khel tha zawk ve thung a, quarter hnuhnung pahnihah chungnung zawkah an tang ve ve. Nuggets hi quarter thumnaah point hnihin an chungnung a, Lakers nen an inkar an tizim. Quarter hnuhnung berah chak tumin an innawr tawn na hle a, inkhel pawh a hmuhnawm viau nghe nghe. Quarter hnuhnung berah hian Nuggets hi point 8 ngawtin an chungnung a. Point 5-a an khingpuite hnehin Series-ah 2-0 in hma an hruai ta chiah.
LA Lakers an hneh nawn leh theih nan Nuggets player pawimawh Jamal Murray a khel tha a, point 37 a thawkchhuak. Game khatnaah an chak theih nana thawh hlawk tak Nikola Jokic chuan treble doubles a puitlin a, point 23 a thawkchhuak a. Ball sawhlet vawi 17 zet a dawn bakah assist vawi 12 a nei tling bawk. Nuggets laka an tlawm tum hian LA Lakers tan LeBron James leh Austin Reaves ten point 22 ve ve an thawkchhuak. Final game thumna hi pathianni zing khian Los Angeles-ah khelh a ni ang.

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