Nuggets an chak nawn leh

Thawhlehni khan Western Conference-a miten NBA play-off game hnihna an khel a, champion lai Denver Nuggets chuan LA Lakers an hneh nawn leh. Nuggets ang tho hian New York Knicks pawhin an khingpui Philadelphia 76ers an hneh nawn ve leh bawk.
Play-0ff game khatnaah hnehna chang tawh Denver Nuggets hian Los Angeles Lakers lakah bul an tan tha lo viau a, point 12 zeta hnufual zawk chungin chawlhlawk an hmang hial. Chawlhlawk hnu lamah huai takin an khingpuite an bei let a, point hnihin Lakers hi an lehthal thei hram.
Play-off thawhkhatnaa tlawm LA Lakers hian Nuggets nihrual tumin thapui an thawh a, bul an tan tha hle. First quarter hmuhnawm takah point liin an chungnung. Quarter hmasa berah an chungnung nghal vangin phurna nasa zawk nen an inlan chhunzawm a, quarter hnihnaah point 9 in an chungnung zui leh zat a, point 13 ngawta hmahruai chungin chawlhlawk an hmang.
Hnufual zawk chungin chawlhlawk hmang mah se champion lai Nuggets in chawlhlawk an hmang tangkai a, chawlhlawk hnu lamah tha zetin an inlan. Nuggets hi quarter thumnaah point ngain an chungnung a, Lakers nen an inkar an tizim. Quarter hnuhnung berah an khel tha lehzual a, point 12 ngawtin an chungnung zui leh a, point hniha an khingpuite lehthal hramin hnehna an chang nawn leh a, series-ah 2-0 in hma an hruai. Game nga khelh hmabak an la nei a, chak turin an dinhmun a tha viau tawh.
LA Lakers an hneh nawn leh tum hian Nuggets player paiwmawh Nikola Jokic a khel tha pek leh a, point 27 thawkchhuak in, ball sawhlet vawi 20 zet a dawn bakah assist vawi 10 a nei a, trible-double a puitlin. Nuggets hian Lakers hi tunhnaiah an ngam viau a, thawhleh zinga an hneh leh kha vawi 10 an hneh zawnna chiah a ni.
Thawhleh zinga inkhel dangah New York Knicks leh Philadelphia 76ers te an inhnehtak viau a, play-off game khatna hnehna chang tawh Knicks in 104-101 hnehna an chang.

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