Nurse zir turte intiam

ANM (Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery) School Lawngtlai chuan February 10 khan 6th batch zirlaite lukhum khumtirna leh khawnvar chhi-a thutiam lakna – Capping and Lamp Lighting Ceremony an hmang.

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He hun hi District Hospital Lawngtlai district medical superintendent Dr Beiparysa K. chuan a hmanpui a. Nursing School Lunglei principal F Laltlangmawii’n 6th batch zirlai tharte chu lukhum khumtirin, khawnvar a chhittir a; zirlai tharte hian thutiam an sawi rual nghal a ni.

Kum 2022 Mizoram Nursing Council examination-a ANM School Lawngtlai atanga top 10-a lang, 1st year zirlai mi pathum leh 2nd year zirlai mi pali hnenah chawimawina, Proficiency Award hlan nghal an ni

ANM School Lawngtlai hi October 2017 khan zirlai 20-a bul tan niin, batch 4-in an zir chhuak tawh a. Tunah hian principal 1, tutor 5, non-teaching staff 8 leh zirlai 40 an awm mek. Tun tumah hian 1st year zirlai 20-in thutiam an la thar a ni.

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