Nuts in lung natna risk tihniam

Nuts chu theipilsak emaw chip melh melh chi badam, khawkherh, etc te ang hi a ni a, metabolic syndrome (MetS) emaw dul-a thau chuangtlai ngah emaw blood sugar leh BP sang neite tan lung (heart) lam natna risk a tihniam thei niin mithiam ten an sawi.
MetS symptoms hian type 2 diabetes leh lung lam natna risk a tisang thei niin an sawi a, tunlaiah mithau tak tak kan tam tak avangin MetS pawh a hluar ta hle niin an sawi.
University of Barcelona leh Rovira i Virgili University-a Human Nutrition Unit-a mithiam ten zirchianna, MetS patient 22 te chu kar 12 chhung nuts tamna chaw an rin tir a, chutih laiin midang 20 te chuan nuts an ei lo ve thung.
Scientist te chuan heng patient te zun a compound awm te enfiahin nuts ei leh ei lo an inang lo hle tih an hmuchhuak a, nuts ei nasa teah chuan serotonin metabolites level a sang bik hle a ni.
Serotonin chu chemical, min ti riltam hartu a ni a, mi tihlimtu (happy hormone) a ni bawk a, kan lung pawh a tihrisel niin mithiam te chuan an sawi.
He zirchianna chungchang hi journal Proteome Research-ah tihchhuah a ni.

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