Office of profit vangin minister of state Robert Romawia ban turin larsap ngen

Minister of state Robert Romawia Royte chuan Section 9(A) Representation of the People Act 1951 a bawhchhia nia hria in ZPM party chuan Thawhlehni khan larsap Dr Hari Babu Kambhampati hnenah minister atanga ban turin petition an thehlut.
ZPM party hminga petition-a hming ziahhnantu, an party Vigilance Department general secretary SL Ngursailova Sailo chuan Pu Robert Romawia hian RP Act 1951 bawhchhiain diklo takin a thuneihna hmangin hlawkna a tel (office of profit), tia thlenin, Article 192 (1) to the Constitution of India thuneihna hmanga MLA/ minister atanga disqualify turin an ngen tih larsap hnenah hian a thlen.
“Pu Robert Romawia Royte hi Northeast Consultancy Services (NECS) neitu niin, vawiin thlengin chhiah pawh GST hnuaiah return a la file a. He firm hian duhsakna uchuak tak hmangin Mizoram sawrkara District Council & Minority Affairs nen deed of agreement chu ‘single source selection’ hmangin an ziak a. NECS hi proprietorship, mimal sumdawnna a nih angin, a neitu leh hlawkna teltu chu minister Pu Robert Romawia hi a ni tih a chiang hle,” a ti.
Hei bakah hian Assembly House-ah Pu Robert Romawia’n a fapa ta anga NECS a sawi pawh, election affidavit-ah a fapa hi a hnena innghat (dependent) a ni tih a tarlang a ni, tiin, electoral roll thar berah pawh chhungkaw khat, inkhata cheng an ni tih a lang bawk tih ZPM general secretary hian a sawi a. Mizo Customary Law hnuaiah a fapa hi ‘indang’ a la nih loh avangin, a fapa ta anga a sawi pawh chu a nihna takah chuan thuneitu leh enkawltu chu minister hi a ni tih a chiang hle tih a sawi a ni.
Heng zawng zawng en hian, minister Pu Robert Romawia hian a thutiam bawhchhiain, a thuneihna hmangin sawrkar atangin hlawkna a tel tih a tilang tih a sawi a. ZPM chuan India danpui hnuaiah minister atanga ban turin an ngen tih larsap hi an ngen tih an sawi.

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