Phir inang lo leh insan hleih ber

Phir rau rauah an inang lo hle a, an san zawng pawh a inthlau ngang mai, Guinness World Record-in phir insan hleih berah an puang nghe nghe. Japanese unau an ni a, Yoshie leh Michie te chu phir an ni. Yoshie chu feet 5 leh inches 4 a sang a nih laiin, Michie chu feet 2 leh inches 10.5 a sang a ni ve thung.
Phir tih tawh chuan rilru inang viau turah kan ngai nghal ngawt zel a, mahse, Yoshie leh Michie te hi chuan inanna an nei lo reng reng ti ila kan sawi lem lo ang. Kum 33 an ni tawh a, a hmel hmaiah inanna a awm lo va, an pianziaah pawh inanna a awm lo. Hmeichhia an ni ve ve tih mai loh chu!
Yoshie leh Michie te hi October ni 15, 1989 a piang an ni a, Michie hian natna chi khat congenital spinal epiphyseal dysplasia a nei zui ta a, hei hi ruh lam natna niin, an than a thu ta tlat thin a ni.

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