PMKSY 2.0 inhrilhfiah

PMKSY 2.0 inhrilhfiah
Khawzawl DRDO bultumin Zirtawpni khan Chawngtlai leh Tualte khuaah PMKSY 2.0 chungchang inhrilhhriat a ni a. He scheme hnuaia ramngaw siam thar tura hmalakna kal zela Paulownia chin leh enkawl dan inhrilh a ni a. DRDO Khawzawl project director Lalfakzuala chuan a hmanpui.
PMKSY hi tunhmaa IWDP/IWMP tia sawi thin kha a ni a, hming thlak a ni tawh. Chawngtlai leh Tualte chu project pakhat hnuaiah a awm a, project chungchang watershed huamchhunga khawtlang hruaitute leh a hmangtu loneituten hriatchian a ngai tih sawi a ni.

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