Police chhawr luih tihtawp ngen

Mizoram Police Department hnuaia an hotuten an naute an hna pangngai (official duty) piahlamah mimal hnaa inchhawr titawp turin Congress Thalai chuan Home minister an ngen.

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Congress Thalai Hqrs. chuan police hotuten an naute an official duty bakah an chhawr thin tih report an dawng tih sawiin, hetianga mimal thila inchhawr hi tihtawp a nih theih nan Home minister Lalchamliana hnenah ziakin ngenna an thlen a. Director General of Police Mizoram Devesh Chandra Srivastva hnenah a copy an pe bawk tih an sawi.

‘Congress party-in sawrkarna a chan chhung khan, khatih laia Home minister Pu R Lalzirliana ho khan mimal hna thawk tura inchhawr hi khap a lo ni tawh thin a, an hna pangngai baka inchhawr thin pawh kha sawi tur a awm lo hle. Amaherawhchu, dan leh thupek kenkawh kawngah MNF sawrkar a inthlahdah em avangin mimal hna thawk tura police-te inchhawr hi tunhnaiah hriat tur a awm leh ta a. Mimal tin ten thlamuang taka an hna thahnemngai leh rinawm taka an thawh kan duh ber a ni,’ Congress Thalai Hqrs. chuan a ti a. Hetiang inchhawrluihna sawi tur hria chuan an hnena report theih reng a ni tih an sawi.

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