Police motor 80 chuang hman theih loh

Mizoram Police-in motor 700 chuang an nei a, chung zinga 80 chuang chu hman theih lohvin a awm.
Budget Session, tun hnaia neihah home minister Lalchamliana’n hemi chungchang hi a sawi a, police-in motor 745 an nei a, chung zingah chuan 83 chu hman theih lohvin a awm a ti.
Police indaih lohna chungchang pawh zawhna chhangin a sawi a, Mizoram Police hnuaia post ruak 4207 a awm thu a sawi.
2023-24 chhunga hnawhkhah tumna a awm a, mahse sorkar sum harsatna avangin hei hi tih theih a ni rih lo tih a sawi.
Assam nena inrin hrula police duty te chungchang a sawi a, an riahna tur puan in (tent) pangngai leh \ha tak pek vek an ni tiin a sawi.
Home minister Lalchamliana hian a demand sawihonaah hnathawka police chhawr chungchang a sawi a, home minister a nih hnuah complaint pahnih an dawng tawh tih a sawi.
Chawnpui-ah leh Durtlang-ah te police officer in saknaah police chhawr an awm thu leh, chutah chuan complaint an dawng tih te a sawi. Tun hma ngaihtuah chuan hetianga inchhawr hi a tlem tawh hle nia a hriat thu a sawi bawk.

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