Protected area-ah March 3 hma ngeia lo hal rawt dawn

Lawngtlai District Level Committee on Fire Prevention (DLCFP) chuan an district chhunga protected area chhehvel khuaah March 3 aia tlai loa lo hal turin Lai Autonomous District Council-ah ngenna a thlen dawn.

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Kangmei ven kawnga hmalak dan tur sawiin DLCFP hi an chairman, bawrhsap Amol Srivastava hoin Thawhtanni khan an thukhawm a. Chairman chuan kangmei chhuak vanga ramngaw chereu leh boruak bawlhhlawh chu ramsa leh mihring tan thil pawi tak a nih bakah ramsa leh mihring tan nunna channa hial a thlen thei tih sawiin, kangmei a chhuah loh nan inven lawk chu khua leh tuite mawh a nih zia inzirtir uar zel a tul tih a sawi a ni.

Lai ADC forest hotute atangin kum hmasa lama hma lak dan report a ni a. Kumin atana hma lak dan tur sawi ho a ni.
February 6-10 chhunga hman tur Fire Prevention Week 2023 hman dan tur ruahman tur inruat a ni a. Kumin thal chhung hian Lawngtlai district-a kangmei venna lam inzirtirna buatsaih tum a ni.

Kangmei ven kawnga thawk tha khuate chawimawina siam leh tum a ni a. State Level Committee-in lo hal theih hun chhung a bituk, March 15 chu zawm ve tura ngenna leh leipui/ huan hal hun leh, protected area chhehvel khuaa lo hal hun tlai ber atan March 3 bithliah tura District Council thuneitute ngen, sapela ram vah leh ram hal khapna tichhuak tura district magistrate ngente rel a ni.

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