PWD hnuaia hnam dangin hna paruk thawk

Pawisa kum kal lai 2022-23 chhungin Mizoram PWD hnuaiah hnam dangin hna paruk an thawk tih House-ah sawi a ni.
Budget Session kal mekah PWD changtu, chief minister Zoramthanga’n zawhna chhangin hnam dang contract leh supply hna thawh zat hi House a hrilh a, a chhanna atanga a lan dain a thawktu panga niin, a hna chu paruk a ni.
KR Construction neitu Kamlova Chhangte-in hna pahnih a nei a, ‘Improvement and Upgradation of Operational/Non-Operational facilities at Lengpui Airport (Sh: Elevated Road with connected components of Terminal Building under NESCIDS’ chu pakhat a ni a, ‘Establishment of Sinlung Hills Administrative Building Complex Mizoram (Sh: Construction of Sinlung Hills Council Administrative Building at Sakawrdai’ chu pakhat dang a ni.
SLT Infracon Pvt. Ltd., Hailakandi-a mi te’n Aizawl – Thenzawl – Aizawl inkar kawng hmun thenkhat siamthat hna an thawk a, L&T Infrastructure Engineering Ltd., New Delhi-a mite’n Mizorama lei (bridge) enfel hna an thawk. RR Enterprise, Delhi-a mi te’n Lengpui Airport-ah GLP supply leh a bun hna an thawk a, Gagan Constn. Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata-a mi te’n District Court-a elevator dah hna, BR Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata-a mi te’n Lengpui Airport-a XLPE Cable supply hna an thawk.
Chief minister hian PWD hnuaia contractor ni thei tur chin sawina dan ennawn mek a nih thu a sawi bawk.

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