Ram rawngbawla penchhuahnaah infuih turin hmeichhia sawm

Mizo hmeichhe hmantlak tak tak awmte ram rawngbawla penchhuah kawngah infuih thin turin PC vice president Lalrinmawii Fanai chuan a sawm.
International Women’s Day denchhena thuchah a siamah PC vice president chuan kumin thupui ‘Embrace Equity’ tih thupui hman mekah ram changkang leh hnam ropui zawk hmeichhiate ang bawkin, an nih theih leh an tih theihte chu Mizo hmeichhiate pawhin an nih theih leh tih theih ve vek a ni tih a sawi.
Ram rawngbawlnaah hmeichhiate inhmang deuh deuh tura a duh thu sawiin, “PC party chu hmeichhe dah pawimawh party kan ni a, hmeichhe MLA thlantlin nei hmasa ber kan ni,” Lalrinmawii chuan a ti a. Political party-te leh Mizo mipui, hmeichhe hmantlak tak takte ram rawngbawla rawn pen chhuak tura fuih fo turin a chah.

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