R&B Hall of Fame nominee-ah Beyonce, Berry Gordy leh Clive Davis an tel

National Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame Class of 2023 nominee an puang a, hming 60 an tar chhuah zingah Beyonce, Berry Gordy, Clive David, Anita Baker leh George Clinton te pawh an tel a, R&B Hall of Fame-a lakluh turte hi May ni 1-ah an puang dawn a ni.
Kumina nominee-te hi mihang deuh hlir an ni a, David hi mihang zaithiam a hnuaia lo lalut tawh thin a ni bawk. Nominee-te hi a tam zawk chu artist an ni a, mahse, record executive, songwriter, radio personality, music & event producer leh promoter te hming pawh a lang tel tho bawk. Nominee tam zawk chu mimal anga lang an nih rualin group pawh 14 an tel.
National Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame Foundation hian mipali hnenah award an hlan nghal dawn a, kumina award an hlan tur hi The LeMont D. Robinson Founders Award, The Aretha Franklin Lifetime Achievement Award, The Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame Living Legend Award leh The Mary Wilson Global Music Industry Award te a ni a, award dawng tur hi an la puang leh dawn a ni.
R&B Hall of Fame-ah hian mi 230 chuang lakluh an ni tawh a, chung zingah chuan James Brown, Prince, B.B. King, The Temptations, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, Jackie Wilson leh Whitney Houston te pawh an tel.

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