Rethei zawkte lakah BJP-in politics khel – AAP president

Mi hnuaihnung leh rethei zawka ngaihte atangin BJP chuan sawrkara tel tumin politics an rawn khel tih AAP Mizoram president Andrew Lalremkima chuan a sawi.
Thawhtannia an party office-a inkhawmah AAP Mizoram president chuan BJP chu Kristian-te tan an hlauhawm em em a, an ni lakah hian inven thiam hle a ngai tih a sawi.
“BJP hian fing takin, mi hnuaihnung zawk leh rethei zawka an ngaihah politics an rawn khel a, kumin inthlannaah hian sawrkarna siam theitute zingah rawn tel ngei an tum dawn a, kan ram leh hnam tan hei hi a tha dawn lo hle a ni,” a ti a. BJP-in hma lak an tum dan chu kan lo zir thiam a ngai a, Mizoram mipui kan fimkhur hle a ngai dawn tih a sawi.
Party dangten BJP thawhpui an hreh loh thu leh Central BJP hmanga hmasawnna kan neih tur thu an sawi chu rilru nat thlak an tih thu Andrew Lalremkima hian sawiin, “AAP chuan BJP hi kan thawhpui ngai dawn loa, Mizoramin BJP telloin hma kan sawn thei a, Pathian chakna ring zawkin hma pawh kan sawn bawk ang,” a ti.

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