Rio Open champion Norrie

Rio Open champion Norrie
British number one Cameron Norrie chuan Pathianni Rio Open final-a a khingpui top seed Carlos Alcaraz laka 4-6 6-4 7-5 hnehna changin a career-a a vawingana atan ATP singles title a la.
Kum 27 mi Norrie hian set hmasaber a hloh zet hnuah Spaniard a lehthal a; Argentina Open final-a world number two Alcaraz a hneh loh atanga ni sarih aliam leh rualin world number 13-na Norrie hian Spaniard rawlthar lakah phuba lain hnehna a changlet ve leh ta chiah a ni.
Tun kha kumin bika Norrie title hmasaber a nih rualin clay leilung bika a champion tum hnihna a ni a, a hmasa zawk chu Lyon Open 2022 kha a ni.
Kum 19 mi Alcaraz hian nikum Rio final-ah Diego Schwartzman hnehin, kumin hian defending champion niin Brazil ram tennis inelna lian a khel a, hliam avanga thla li chhung a chawlh vanga Austra-lian Open pawh a khelh theih loh hnuah a title humhim turin kumina a vawihnihna atan tour-nament a khel leh thei ta a, a career-a a title pariatna tur erawh a sualchhuak zo ta lo.

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