Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 an tlangzarh ta

Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 chu India-ah an tlangzarh ta a, showroom-ah Rs 3,49,000 man a ni a, Royal Enfield kutchhuakah chuan 650 cc model pathumna a ni a, Royal Enfield motorcycle tlangzarh tawh zingah chuan a manto ber a la ni bawk. He cruiser motorcycle hi Rider Mania 2022, nikum November-a neihah khan an phochhuak tawh a, booking pawh nikum November khan hawngin, February thla atangin an pechhuak tan ang.

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Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 hi retro cruiser design niin,upright riding position a nei a, tear-drop shaped fuel tank neiin, LED headlight bial (RE motorcycle-ah chuan a hmasa ber) neiin, taillight bial a nei bawk a, two-piece seat neiin, grabrails a nei lo a, twin-exhaust setup a nei bawk. A fuel tank-a Royal Enfield badging chu design thar niin, cast-aluminium switch cubes (hei pawh RE motorcycle-ah a hmasa ber) a nei bawk.

Super Meteor 650 hian 648 cc parallel-twin oil/air cooled engine neiin, six-speed gearbox a nei a, 47 bhp @ 7250 rpm leh 52.3 Nm torque @ 5650 rpm pechhuak thei a ni. A chassis type hi steel tubular spine frame niin, a hmalamah 43 mm upside down telescopic fork, 120 mm travel neiin, a hnunglam suspension-ah twin shocks-101 mm travel, pre-load adjustable a nei a, a ground clearance 135 mm niin, a fuel tank-ah litre 15.7 a leng a, kg 241 a rit a ni. A ke hmaah 19-inch wheel neiin, a hnungah 16-inch a nei ve thung a, a ke hmaah single 320 mm disc brake neiin, a hnungah 300 mm disc a nei ve thung a, dual-channel ABS a thuam a ni.

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