RRF humhalh inhruipawhna HC Single Bench order ‘stay’

Luidung bulhnai ramngaw – Riverine Reserved Forest humhalhna tura sawrkar hriattirna awmsa Gauhati High Court Single Bench-in hman theih loha a lo thiah tawh chu khinlet a nih hnu ah High Court Principle Bench-in hman rih loh turin a ‘stay’ ve leh thung.

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Mizoram luidung tluana ramngaw awmte humhalhna tura Riverine Reserved Forest (RRF) 1965 notification hi High Court-ah khin niin, Single Bench Gauhati High Court, Aizawl Bench chuan 2021 January 27 khan he notification thiahna order hi a tichhuak a ni.

Hemi duh lo hian environment lam humhalh duhtute chuan sawrkar chu thiahna order khinglet tur hian an ngen a. Mizoram sawrkar hian Gauhati High Court ah vek hian a khinglet a, a hnu ah a khinletna hi a hnukkir leh ta nia thu dawn a ni.

NGO thenkhat ten sawrkar hi inhnukdawk lo tura an ngen a, khinlet a nih tak loh avangin NGO pakhat – Centre for Environment Protection (CEP) chuan khinglet turin hma an la zui ta nia sawi a ni.

CEP hruaituten The Aizawl Post an hrilh danin, High Court-a inkhinna hmasaah hian CEP hi a inkhinga te zingah a tel ve loh avangin direct-in High Court-ah hian a khinglet ve thei loa, Supreme Court-ah special leave petition thehlutin, Supreme Court hian Gauhati High Court lamah RRF notificatio thiah khinlet theihna hi a pe a, ‘CEP vs State of Mizoram & Others’ chu Principal Bench ah ngaihtuah a ni ta tih an sawi a ni.

2023 January 17 khan acting chief justice, Justice N. Kotiswar Singh chuan ngaihtuahin, Single Bench-in RRF notification a thiah tawh chu a ngai anga awm leh turin a stay ta tih CEP hian an sawi a. He thu hi Court hian a la ngaihtuah zui zel dawn tih an sawi.


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