RRR Collection Centre

Aizawl Municipal Corporation huamchhunga ward hrang hrangah in lama hnawmhnawk chang tawh paih tur chite dahkhawmna tur hmun siam thar a ni.
Reduce – Reuse – Recycle (RRR) Collection Centre hi Inrinni khan ward hrang hrangah hawn a ni a. Hetah hian plastic bur, thawmhnaw hlui leh puan hlui, pheikhawk hlui, chanchinbu hlui, zirlaibu hlui leh lehkhakhawng lam chite dahkhawm theih reng a ni dawn. May 20 atanga June 5 thleng nitin zing dar 7 atanga chawhnu dar 1 thleng dah theih a ni anga, heng bungrua dahte hi mamawhtuten a thlawnin an mamawh angte an la thei dawn a ni.

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