Rs 2000 note thleng tan

Reserve Bank of India-in bank-a Rs 2000 note
thleng theih hun a hawng a, Thawhlehni atanga September ni 30 thlengin a thleng theih ang. A ni khatnaah Aizawlah Rs 2000 note thleng an tam lo tih thu dawn a ni.
Aizawla bank hrang hrangah pawisa note thleng hi an tam lo a, intlar ngai khawp a awm lo. Bank lam pawhin Rs 2000 note thleng tura an hnena kal an tam loh thu an sawi.
Rs 2000 note hi note danga a thleng theih bakah, thleng lovin bank-ah a dah (deposit) theih bawk a, chutianga dah pawh chu an tam lem lo tih thu dawn a ni.
Bank lian ber State Bank of India main branch-ah chuan Thawhtanni leh Thawhlehni khan an hnena Rs 2000 note dahluh hi cheng vaibelchhe 2 vel a ni tih thu dawn a ni a, bank dangah chuan a tam lem lo tih thu dawn a ni.
Bank hrang hrangte chuan Rs 2000 note hi mahni account neihna ni kher lo, bank remchangah a thleng theih tih an sawi a, a thleng danah hian India ram bank hrang hrangte chu mahni remchan dan anga a tih dan tur duang tura tih an ni.
Bank hotute chuan Rs 2000 note thleng theih hun hi a intan dawn chauh a, mahse a tawpa intlar vak vak a pumpelh theih a, intlar kher ngai lova thleng turin mipui an duhsak tih an sawi.
India ram hmun thenkhatah chuan Rs 2000 note thleng tumte’n harsatna an tawk a, ID card hrang hrang lo phutte an awm avangin thleng thei lo an awm. Mizoramah chuan chutiang harsatna a thlen hriat a ni rih lo.

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