Ruihhlo do dan tur duang

District Level Task Force on Ruihhlo Do Committee Aizawl chu an chairman, bawrhsap Dr Lalhriatzuali Ralte hoin Nilaini khan an thukhawm a. Aizawl district huamchhunga ruihhlo do kawnga hmalak dan tur an sawi ho.

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Hmalakna tur an duan zingah March thla chhungin Aizawl district-a college hrang hrangah ruihhlo that loh zia inzirtir leh college leh zirna in hrang hranga hemi lam buaipui tur nodal officer ruat tura thuneitute ngen, kohhran hrang hrangah ruihhlo that lohna uar zawka inzirtir tura ngenna thlen, August 1 hi ‘Ruihhlo Do Ni’ atana hman, nasa zawka chhungkua leh mipuiah ruihhlo that loh zia inzirtir, hun remchangah ruihhlo ngaite enkawlna kawnga thawktute nen workshop buatsaih te a tel.

District Level Task Force hian hun remchangah ruihhlo ngaite enkawlna Home hrang hrang tlawh an tum a. ‘Village/ Local Level Task Force on Ruihhlo Do’ la din lo te pawh din vek turin an ngen a, hun remchangah inkohkhawm a, nasa zawka ruihhlo dona kawnga tan lak dan tur sawipui an tum bawk.

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