Ruihhlo dona tur cheng nuai 300 sem dan tur rel

Ruihhlo dona tur cheng nuai 300 sem dan tur rel
Mizorama ruihhlo dona kawnga tha thawhtu tlawmngai pawl hrang hrangte leh sorkar department-te hman tur Mizoram sawrkarin Core Committee on Ruihhlo Do hnena cheng nuai 300 a pek chu a semzai dan tur relin nimin khan Excise & Narcotics minister Er Lalrinawma hovin “Working Committee on Ruihhlo Do” an thukhawm.
Working Committee on Ruihhlo Do Chairman Er. Lalrinawma minister chuan member hrang hrang ten ruihhlo dona kawnga an thawhrimna leh inpekna chu ropui a tih thu sawiin, theihtawp chhuah zel a tul thu a sawi a. Ruihhlo do kawngah kan tanrual a ngai takzet tih sawiin an hmalaknate theihtawp chhuaha tawiawm zel turin mipuite leh pawl hrang hrangte a sawm a ni.
Working Committee hian hun remchang hmasa berah Core Committee on Ruihhlo Do Chairman Zoramthanga, Chief Minister hova sem chhuah nise tiin a rel a ni.
Nimina thutkhawmnaah hian Zodingpuii IAS, Director SW&TA, Mizoram Police, Excise & Narcotic, CID, CYMA, MSACS, MZP, MSU aiawhte an tel a ni.

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