SC-in ‘sealed cover’ theh luh dawng duh lo

Supreme Court chuan March 20 khan Centre-in One Rank One Pension (OROP) arrears case chungchanga sealed cover a theh luh chu a pawm duh lo.
“Sealed cover hi mimal takin ka ngaina lo, court-ah chuan engkim a langtlang tur a ni,” tiin Chief Justices of India D.Y. Chandrachud chuan a sawi.
“Thupek kalpui chungchang vek a ni a, eng nge thuruk a awm a ngaihna. Supreme Court-ah chuan hetianga sealed cover theh luh hi kan tihtawp a ngai a. Fair justice basic process kalh tlat a ni,” tiin a sawi bawk.
Supreme Court bench chuan Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement’s (IESM) tena OROP dues chungchanga ngenna an theh luh a ngaihtuah mek a.
A hmain top court chuan Ministry of Defence (MoD) te chu phek thuma chhah note siama OROP scheme hnuaia arrears pek tur zah chiang taka tarlang turin a lo ti tawh a, defence personnel chawl tawh nuai li chuangin an pension nghah laiin nunna an chan phah tawh hi a lungchhiatthlak tiin a sawi.
Three-judge Bench Chief Justice of India D.Y. Chandrachud kaihhruai chuan sorkar chu OROP pek dan kimchang pawh thehlut tura tiin a hmasa berah sipai nupui thihsan tawh te leh sipai kum upa lam tawh te midangte aia pek hmasak phawt tur a ti bawk.

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