School provincialise ve tawh beisei

Adhoc aided school-te chu sawrkarin a provincialise ve thuai theih nan cabinet agenda-a a chhawpchhuah ve tawh ngei an beisei tih heng school zirtirtute chuan an sawi.
MIGASTU (Mizoram Govt. Adhoc Aided School Teachers Union) thuchhuak chuan, Education minister Pu Lalchhandama Ralte in Assembly Budget Session-ah school upgradation kalpui tura hma a lak mek thu a sawi avangin minister leh sawrkar chungah an lawm hle tih a sawi.
Adhoc Aided school-te chu kum 15 zet an dinhmun ngaia awm tawh, an member tam takin mai par thlawna an pension san mek laiin, a hma thei ang bera provincialise status-a hlangkai thuai turin sawrkar an ngen nawn tih sawiin, ‘Adhoc aided school provincialise kan nihna turin cabinet agenda-ah telh kan la ni ngai lo hi kan rilru a na takzet a, cabinet meeting awm leh hmasa ber turah provincialise kan nihna turin cabinet agenda-ah chhawpchhuah leh pass a nih ngei kan beisei tawh a ni,’ a ti.

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