Serchhip college admin building sakthatna tur nuai 650 tifel tawh

Govt Serchhip College administrative building sakthatna turin sawrkar chuan cheng nuai 650 a dah a, contractor a thlang tawh.

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Assembly Session-ah Serchhip bialtu MLA Lalduhoma chuan Serchhip bial by election dawnah chief minister-in Govt. Serchhip College-a tlawh tumin, administrative building sakthatna tur cheng nuai 1000 chu North Eastern Council-ah concept note leh DPR thehlutin, priority list-a telh turin ruahman a ni tih a lo sawi tawh a, hemi hnu nikuma he College-in NAAC ‘A’ grade a hmuh lawmnaah administrative building sakthatna atan tho hian chief minister hian cheng nuai 650 a tiam leh nia sawiin, hemi chanchin hi a zawt.

Higher & Technical Education minister Dr R Lalthangliana chuan NEC-a cheng nuai 1000 dilna hi NEC hian a tihlawhtling lo tih a sawi a. Chief minister-in a hnua nuai 650 a tiam leh hi SASCI (Special Assistance to States for Capital Investment) hnuaiah kaltir niin, sawrkar laipuiin a pawmpui tawh a, state sawrkarah administrative approval leh expenditure sanction buaipui mek a ni tih a sawi.

Hemi chungchang hi chief minister Zoramthanga chuan sawifiahin, Serchhip College administrative building sakthatna mamawh zat tur sawihonaah cheng vaibalchhe 10 a tawk mai ring an awm a, a hnu ah college principal-in nuai 650 in a daih theih mai a rin thu a sawi vanga hei hi sawi leh ta mai a ni tih a sawi. Hemi ang hian project hi kalpui zuiin, SASCI ah an dah a, tunah PWD ah transfer a ni a, PWD hian contractor thlang fel tawhin, February 18 hian a lungphum phum tuma ruahman a ni tih a sawi a ni.

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