Sertui litre 1 in zo rang thei record siam

Sertui litre 1 in zo rang thei record siam
Guinness World Record siam lama mikhual lo zet mai, Idaho a cheng David Rush chuan record a siam leh ta. Tun tuma a record siam chu a thur duh ve khawp mai, minute khat chhunga straw hmanga sertui litre khat in zo rang thei ber record a ni a, second 13.64 chhungin a in zo hman.
David Rush hian record 250 chuang a siam tawh a, heng a record siam zinga 164 chu midangin an la khum loh a ni nghe nghe. David Rush hian sertui in zo rang thei record hi a hmain a lo siam tawh a, a record hmasa chu second 16.5 a ni a, mahse, he record hi German serial record-breaker ve tho Andre Ortolf-a’n rawn khumin, Andre hian second 16-ah a rawn in zo thei a, Andre record hi Rush hian a rawn khum ve leh ta a ni.

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