Session-a dan siam tur pahnih lut tawh

February 7 atanga neih tan tur Assembly Budget Session atan dan siam tur pahnih, House-in a pawmpui tur chu thehluh a ni tawh.

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Session-ah hian sawrkar dan siam tur pahnih – ‘The Indian Stamp (Mizoram Amendment) Bill 2022’ leh ‘The Mizoram (Restriction on use of Transferred Lands) (Amendment) Bill 2022’ chu House-a pharh turin a lut tawh a. House chhunga chhan chi zawhna (starred question) 1018 leh ziaka chhan chi (unstarred question) 299 a lut tawh. House dawhkana pharh tur lehkha 29 lutin private resolution 69 leh private member bill pakhat a lut tawh a ni.

Session tan ni hian larsap-in thu a sawi anga, larsap thusawi chunga lawmthu sawina motion putluh zui a ni ang. February 8-ah Session neih hnuhnung ber leh tun inkara House member hlui thite sunna hman a ni anga, deputy speaker thlan a ni bawk ang.

February 13-ah finance changtu chief minister Zoramthanga’n 2023-2024 atana state budget a pharh anga, hemi rual hian sawrkar kum kallai atana sum indaihlohna phuhrukna tur, Supplementary Demands for Grants for the year 2022-2023 pharh nghal a ni ang. Session hi February 28 thleng neih tur a ni.

Tun tum session-ah hian MNF Legislature Party-in a lo rel tawh angin, India rama Uniform Civil Code hman duh lohna official resolution chu Home minister Lalchamliana’n House pawmpui turin a pulut dawn tih thu dawn a ni.

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