State Level National Youth Parliament Winner Lalmuanawma

February ni 23-24, 2023 a Central Parliament Hall, Parliament, New Delhi a neih tur National Youth Parliament-a Mizoram state aiawh tur thlanna State Level National Youth Parliament (SLNYP) chu February ni 7 zan khan neih zawh a ni ta a, Lalmuanawma, NSS Volunteer, Govt. Kolasib College, Kolsib chu winner niin, Vanlalchhanchhuahi, Mizoram University, Aizawl chu pahnihna a ni a, Lucy Lalhlunsangi Bawihtlung, NSS Volunteer, Govt. Lawngtlai College, Lawngtlai, chu pathumna a ni. SLNYP hi Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Mizoram buatsaih a ni.

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State winner hi National Youth parliament, New Delhi-ah state aiawhin a tel ang a, pahnihna leh pathumna te hian National Youth Parliament hi an chhim ve dawn bawk a ni.

SLNYP-ah hian district aiawh hrang hrang mi 19 an intihsiak a, thupui thlan sa pathum- ‘Future of Work: Industry 4.0 Innovation & 21st Century Skills,’“ ‘Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction: Making Sustainability a Way of Life’ leh ‘Women Safety in India –Challenges and Solutions’ zinga an duh ber thlangin thu an sawi a, an thusawi video clip te chu mi panga awmna judge panel-in endikin, judge panga te point pek dan atangin winner hi thlan a ni.
National Youth Parliament-ah hian pakhatnain lawmman Rs 2,00,000 a dawng dawn a, pahnihnain, Rs 1,50,000 leh pathuminain Rs 1,00,000 a dawng ang a, mi pahnih tan consolation prize Rs 50,000 ve ve a awm bawk ang.

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