Hmun 13-ah leihnuai tui lakna siam

Mizoram sawrkarin loneitute hman turin leihnuai tui lakchhuahna tur project hmun 13-ah a siam.

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Irrigation & Water Resources department chhinchhiah danin hmun 13-ah PMKSY – HKKP Ground Water Irrigation Project an kalpui mek a, kum 2019- 2020 atanga he project hi kalpui tan niin, tun dinhmunah tuilakna tur 133 verh a ni tawh. He project zawh tawhna te hian chhungkaw 296 a chawm mek a ni.

Kum 2019 -2020 chhung hian Minor Irrigation Projects hnuaiah ram acre 5055-a za tui lak sak an ni tawh a, kum 2019 -2022 chhungin ni zung chakna hmanga tui pump-na loneitu mi 117 hnenah pek a ni tawh.

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