Sum dawn tlahniam

2019 hnuah sorkar laipui a\anga Mizoramin sum a dawn zat a tlahniam a, kum kal lai 2022-23-ah phei chuan a tlahniam hle.
Lawngtlai West bialtu C Ngunlianchunga zawhna, ziaka chhan chi chhangin finance changtu, chief minister Zoramthanga’n tun hnai kum nga chhunga sorkar laipui a\anga Mizoramin sum a dawn zat hi House a hrilh a ni.
Chief minister sawi danin, 2019-20 khan sorkar laipui a\angin Mizoramin cheng vaibelchhe 8404.93 a dawng a, 2020-21 khan cheng vaibelchhe 6531.35, 2021-22 khan cheng vaibelchhe 7683.70, 2022-23-ah cheng vaibelchhe 4880.00 a ni.
“Central a\anga kan sum dawnah hian CSS-te hi chu a concerned department-ah \heuh pek \hin a ni a. Share of taxes, PDRDG leh GIA dangte hi chu Consolidated Fund of the State-ah chhun khawm niin Demand for Grants hmangin sem chhuah leh a ni a,” chief minister chuan a ti.

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