Suns-ah Kevin Durant

NBA bazar chu ninga zan khan khar a ni ta a, Brooklyn Nets player pawimawh Kevin Durant chuan Phoenix Suns a pan a. Russell Westbrook pawhin Utah Jazz a pan ve bawk.

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NBA-ah tum hnih ngawt champion pui tawhtu Kevin Durant chuan Brooklyn Nets chhuahsanin Phoenix Suns a zawm. Eastern Conference-ah pangana ni mek Brooklyn hian an player tha Kyrie Irving chuan Dallas Mavericks a zawmsan tawh a, an player tha an lo chan tawh. Irving chhuah hnuin an player pawimawh tak Kevin Durtant a chhuak zui leh. A ruala Irving leh Durant chan rual chu an tan chet har viau tura ngaih a ni. Anni pahnih bakah hian James Harden chuan Philadelphia 76ers a pan bawk a, Brooklyn Nets chhuahsan runpui a thleng a tih ngam.

Suns player thar Kevin Durant hian Kum 2007 khan Seattle SuperSonics atangin bul a tan a. kum 2016 khan team lian zawk Golden State Warriors a zawm a, Warriors hi NBA-ah vawi hnih a champion pui. NBA-ah vawi hnih an champion hnuin kum 2019 khan Brooklyn Nets a zawm a, Nets player pawimawh ber zinga mi a ni. Nets player pawimawh ni bawk mahse Phoenix Suns a zawm leh ta zawk a. Suns ah hian All-Star guard Chris Paul leh Devin Booker te bakah Deandre Ayton te nen an inkawp dawn a, an hlauhawm viau tura ngaih a ni. Durant-a club thar Suns hi Western Conference-ah parukna na ni mek a, NBA champion nih tumin tan an khawh zui ang.

Suns in Kevin Durant an lak luh lai hian Utah Jazz chuan Los Angeles Lakers atangin Russell Westbrook an la lut ve bawk. Westbrook club thar Utah Jazz hi Western Conference-ah 11-na an ni mek a, a chhuahsan tak LA Lakers kha 13-na an ni mek thung.

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