Synod Committee sang thukhawm

Mizoram Presbyterian Kohhran hnuaia Synod Committee sang, Synod Executive Committee vawi 301-na chu February 21-23 chhung hian an thu mek.
Thutkhawm hi Synod moderator Rev Dr C. Chawnghmingliana’n a kaihruai a, thu ngaihtuah tur 50 chuang chhawpchhuah a ni. Synod secretary (Sr) Upa B Lalhmunliana leh finance officer Rev VL Luaia Hranleh ten report an pe a. Rel tura chhawpchhuah zingah – kum 2022 Synod thu dah – Corruption do leh a kaihhnawih chungchang, ram hruaitute khalhngil tura Synod-in chak zawka hma a lak dan tur, land reforms leh land ceiling chungchang, politics siamtha tura hmalakna, Mizoram Assembly inthlanpui atana tawngtairual neihte chu a langsar zual a ni.

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