Taylor Swift leh Joe Alwyn in-break

Taylor Swift leh Joe Alwyn in-break
Kum ruk zenzawn an inzui hnuah Taylor Swift, kum 33, leh Joe Alwyn, kum 32, te chu an in-break ve leh ta tlat mai. Taylor Swift love story a tawp leh ta a, a thar erawh a awm leh thuaiin a rinawm!
Taylor Swift leh Joe Alwyn te hi 2016 kum tawp lam khan an inzui tan a, a tir lamah an inkar hi an thup viau a, interview velah pawh an sawi lang ngai lo va, red carpet-ah pawh an kal dun tam lo khawp mai, mahse, 2020-a Swift album ‘Folklore’ leh ‘Evermore’-ah te khan an thawh dunna a awm a, chu chu an intheh lar tanna a ni.
An love story bul tannaah hian Swift-i thawm a reh deuh lai kha a ni a, a studio album parukna ‘Reputation’ a buaipui tan lai vel kha a ni. He album hi a ngaihzawng thar chungchang a puanna a ni zui ta a, ‘Delicate’ leh ‘Gorgeous’ te pawh Joe Alwyn a phuahna niin sawi a awm a, chutiangin ‘Call It Wat You Want’ pawh kha an inkar a tarlanna niin an sawi bawk.
Joe Alwyn hi London a khawsa a nih avangin Swift pawh London-ah a thlawk lut ngun ta deuh a, COVID avanga lockdown lai pawh khan an pahnihin an in-lockdown niin an sawi. 2019-a a album ‘Lover’ pawh khan Alwyn nena an inkar a tarlanna niin an sawi a, ‘Lover’ hlaah khan “Ladies and gentlemen, will you please stand? With every guitar string scar on my hand/I take this magnetic force of a man to be my lover,” tih te kha a awm a, Alwyn hi chu a pasal atan a hual ru deuh a nih dawn hi, an tih laiin, tunah thenna biahthu an inhlan ve leh ta si a ni.

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