TB virus-in hmeichhia a tiching thei

TB virus-in hmeichhia a tiching thei
Times of India health section-in a talan danin TB (tuberculosis) bacteria hian chuap (lung) a khawih thin a, chutih rual chuan a darh thei a, secondary infection pawh hmeichhe chhulah a thlen thei a, fallopian tube te pawh a khawih thei a, chu chuan hmeichhe naupai theihna chance a tihniam thei niin mithiam ten an sawi.
He infection thlengtu ber chu Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) bacteria a ni. TB hi khawvela infection thihpui tam ber pawl a ni a, nitin TB avangin khawvel pumah mi 4,400 vel thi ziah angin an chhut. He bacteria-in hmeichhe chhul a khawih chuan, uterine tuberculosis (pelvic TB an ti bawk) a thlen a, hei hi hmeichhe naupai rual vel a khawih ber thin a, chu chu hmeichhia ten infertility check-up an neih laiin an hrechhuak thin.
Jaypee Hospital, Noida-a Infertility Specialist Shweta Goswami chuan, “Mipa aiin hmeichhia ten uterine tuberculosis hi an nei nasa zawk a, hetiang infection nei hmeichhia 10 zela pahnih chuan nau an neih theih loh phah thin. A nasat phei chuan, uterine lining a lo pan (thin) vak a, chuvang chuan nau te pawh an chhiat phah thin,” a ti.
Mtb bacteria hi thisen atangin taksa peng dangah a kai thei a, chung zingah chuan chithlah nana pawimawh, fallopian tube, uterus emaw endometrial lining-ah te pawh infection a thlen thei.

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