Territorial Congress 2023 nei zo

The Salvation Army India Eastern Territory Territorial Congress 2023 Aizawla neih chu a tiak ta.

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February 1 atanga tan Territorial Congress hi R Dengthuama Hall Mualpui Salem Vengah neih a ni a, khawvel puma Salvation Army hotulu ber General Brian Peddle leh a nupui Commissioner Rosalie Peddle te chuan a bul atanga a tawp thlengin an hmanpui a. A kar lakah kohhran hun pawimawh chi hrang hrang an hmanpui bakah biak in thar an hawng bawk.

Pathianni chawhma khan Thianghlimna inkhawm hman a ni a, WPWM Commissioner Rosalie Peddle hian Pathian thuchah sawiin, Territorial Staff Band, Terrritorial Songters leh Central North Division Songters ten hun an hmang bawk. He inkhawmah hian zahngaihna dawhkan hawngin mi 3000 chuang an inhlanthar.

Chawhnu ah mual inkhawm neih a ni a. R DEngthuama Hall atanga Zero Point Mualpui thleng ‘Hriatpuina kawngzawh’ neih niin, mi 4000 chuangin kawng an zawh a. Mualpuikawnah mual inkhawm neih a ni. A hmun ngaihah Pathianni zan inkhawm neih leh a ni bawk.

Ruahman lawk ang chuan General-te nupa hian vawiinah Aizawl chhuahsanin an awmna, London lam an pan anga; tarlan tawh angin Mizorama an cham chhungin state sawrkar chuan ‘state khualtha’ thlenin a lo thleng a ni.

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